Alice and Bob designed a humanoid robot and they want to give it name and then launch it as a commercial product. They searched the internet for other similar products and found one called “Roboq” which they liked. They plan to use it for their own robot.
Alice and Bob described their idea about a multifunctional robotic vehicle for emergency use in a web blog. Some months later they found that a manufacturer actually designed it and it is copyright protected. Alice and Bob feel the copyright should belong to them.
Joe is writing an essay for robots and related characters appearing in science fiction novels and movies, which then would like to present to school. She would like to include some extracts of text or video. She asks her teacher whether by doing so she is violating copyrights. Her teacher replied that no there is no violation provided that the use is for educational purposes and there is reference to creators.
Anne and Greg developed a kit of educational robotics for young kids. They think that if they spend some time to give it a distinctive name and logo as trademarks these will give a competitive advantage in market.
Anne and Greg as young students went trough the process for registering a trademark they developed for a school project in robotics and informatics. That was about six years ago. Now as young professional they are planning to use that trademark for their start-up business. Unfortunately they found out that the trademark has expired. Is it possible for the trademark to expire?
Rosy designed a really inventive robotic arm which could assist medical applications. She thinks for applying for a patent but then found out that a lot of patents on this topic already exist. Would one more patent make any difference?
Fred and Andy discuss about patents and their impact on technological fields like industrial robotics, automation, IT, autonomous vehicles etc. They argue about the pros and cons of patents. On one hand patents encourage innovation, creativity and progress but at the same time can prevent or block a particular technology. Therefore they conclude that it is fair and understandable that patents have limited validity.
Mario and Gill want to develop a toy robot for kids. They want to make it cute and very appealing for kids so they can play and interact with it and at the same learn to program it. For this purpose they designed its appearance to have novel and individual character and then applied for a registered design.
Mario and Gill are considering of registering their design for a toy robot for kids they developed. However they are not sure yet mostly because they think that the registration process will take long time and will be complex.
Tom and Tina like a lot making drawings and art work which then are turned into patterns for everyday practical objects like tablecloths, napkins, towels etc. One of their favourite pattern is the one with a national flag. Actually they are thinking of registering this as design.