Social Studies

It is best to make a product public before registering for a patent, because it can bring more attention to the company that produced it.
Sarah is a local artist who has just produced one her best works of art. According tofriends' suggestions, she should patent her work of art in order to avoid any copies of it.
Tom has finally decided to patent his invention and he's waiting for the patent to be granted by the European Patent Office (EPO). In the meanwhile he has decided to sell the patent to a company. Can he do it?
I am a Gucci loyal customer. I am obsessed with their logo (GG) and I don't wear anything that might be similar to the Gucci logo, if not original. The Gucci logo is acting for me as a brand loyalty developer.
Apple's new iPhones' functionalities can be registered as trademark.
Pamela has published her first book 1 year ago. Now she has found out that someone else has published a book, which apart from the author, title and publishing house, is very similar to hers. The book is not identical but its most important parts are. Pamela cannot do anything about it because the book has not been copied, therefore it's legal.
Pamela's book's copyright will last for Pamela's whole life + 70 years after the author's death.
John has been asked from his manager to create a new product's design for a work project. Once the design is created, his manager will detain its design rights.
Jessica works for a small company that wants to register design rights for some of their designs. However, the process of registering a new design is not worth it because it's slow and expensive.
Copying another famous brand's trademark is good for attracting customers' loyalty.