A professor in Cambridge has discovered a new formula to calculate molecular mass. Can it be copyrighted?
Professor wants to explain his new developed formula in a book. Can it be copyrighted?
Professor has finished his book. Does it need bureaucratic work to copyright it?
A group of scientists have discovered a new algorithm that can be used to calculate items faster. Can it be registered as a patent?
Mathematical methods are excluded from patentability, although practical applications involving mathematics may still be patentable.
Should business be allowed to patent mathematics?
Can a teacher register the design of an image with the number pi?
Does industrial design protect the functionality of products?
Can the case of LEGO JURIS (a 3D trademark for a play brick) can be protected as a 3D trademark?
Laura is a fashion student at university and she is fascinated with the number phi (𝜋). She wants to use this symbol to create a unique logo fot her brand. Can she use it?