Environmental Engineering

Dan is hired as an entry-level software engineer. His first project was to assist in writing the code for his company IT’s new hard disc controller. He had previously worked on a similar systemand now he re-uses this same code in new product, and does not think to tell anyone that he has used the code from his last job. Dan admits he did not realize he had made a mistake because he was not familiar with copyright laws.
Carl is creating his own cartoon character. He owns the copyright.
Protection is conferred by way of registration upon the right holder for those design features of a product with are shown visibly in an application and made available to the public by way of publication. Design an object using exclusive right, taking action against someone who violates their design even if not copied. The generation of design solutions based on existing Intellectual Property (IP) documents may not be appropriate for all design situations.
When designing a product, the engineer has to consider a list of properties (strength, density, working temperature, etc.) to choose the material that best suits the intended purpose and the respective production technology.
Technologies secured international protection for its innovative technology, which in turn enabled it to safely start looking for markets and partners in order to commercialize the Process technology on a global scale. To be patentable, an invention must be new, involve an inventive step, be capable of industrial application, not lie within a list of exclusions. Invention must be inventive and non-obvious development of technology.
In many instances companies will put off registration of their company name as a trademark for a few years, and also overlook seeking protection for other brand names that they may have adopted for the products or services that they provide.
Trademarks registered in Romania are protected in Romania. If the owners want their trademarks to be protected in foreign countries, they should register them in those countries.
I have copied the idea of a smart phone invented by another inventor. Only the appearance is slightly different. I think I can register a patent for it.
By reading a patent application a person with ordinary skills in that field of technology must be able to practice, use or reproduce the invention without having to do undue experimentation.
Can Robert install a learning software to used it in his computer at home because the school does not have such a software?