John invented a new and useful product in the field of physics. Now he is applying for an European patent and he neds to fill in and submit the "Designation of the inventor" form.
Companies can take several advantages on protecting their inventions with a patent.
Anybody can use and reproduce an invention in the field of physics that is protected with a patent.
You are creating a new solar energy product with a whole new and inventive design, so it is recommended that you request the desing rights for your product.
People can request design protection for a small component of their products' appearance.
It is ok to get ideas from scientific articles, without referring the sources and the authors.
When writing a scientific article in the field of Physics, the names of all the authors involved should be referred.
To explain a theory to its students, the Physics' teacher refers to the author and the book where the theory is publsihed, when explaining the theory.
An energy company can take advantage on registering its brand as trademark.
When developing a branding name, the more protective on a legal perspective is the Fanciful/Arbitrary trademark.